Extractions / Oral Surgery

Dr Nooshin Vasfi at Premier Smile is a registered specialist in Endodontics and is an expert in trying to save the natural teeth. However, if the tooth is not restorable then it may need to be extracted. This can be due to advanced gum disease, cracks or tooth decay. Some patients may also develop impacted wisdom teeth, which can cause intense pain. This is alleviated by having them removed surgically.

It is always important to get the advice of a dental professional if you are worried about any of your teeth. It is always better to try, save and treat your natural teeth if possible.

Tooth extractions typically involve the following:
  1. Before the procedure you may require an X-ray of your teeth
  2. You will be given a local anaesthetic
  3. Dentists have the right equipment and sterile environment to extract teeth with the utmost care and your recovery can be surprisingly quick
  4. In the case of wisdom tooth extractions, you may have some swelling after the procedure and discomfort that can be eased with over-the-counter painkillers
  5. If you are considering to have an unrestoarable tooth which needs to be extracted by a dental implant the technique and timing of the extraction is best planned by the dentist prior to the implant procecure
Life Benefits
  • Safe and sterile procedure
  • Quick recovery and healing time with reduced infection risk
  • Sustained good oral health