Dental treatment fees

Fees vary depending on the complexity, time involved, and treatment provided. Each patient is assessed individually, and specific treatment plan devised. All fees and appointment requirements are discussed prior to commencement of the treatment. An initial consultation is £180.

For complex cases, an investigation phase is usually needed and the cost of this ranges between £800-£1000. This phase involves detailed investigations and includes a follow up discussion as well as a written treatment plan. Fees are payable in prearranged amounts extending over the period of treatment.

Following are some ballpark figures:
  • Crowns and onlays from £924 Depending on position in mouth
  • Porcelain Veneers £1000-£1500
  • Implants £3000-3600 depending on position in mouth and condition of bone and gum (inclusive of implant and crown)
  • Full mouth rehabilitation £20,000 - £40,000

At Premier Smile, we are committed to providing you with the dental care necessary to keep your mouth free of tooth decay and gum disease and to help you achieve this, a choice of dental plan options are available to you.

Premier Dental Plan membership enables you to save on your regular check-ups and hygiene as well as any specialist treatments you may need or desire. You also have the benefit of worldwide accident and emergency cover, extra peace of mind for you and your family.

Fees correct as of February 2024.

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Treatment Price Members
Dental Examination
New patient exam £189.00 (seasonal offer £90.00)
Existing patient exam £61.00 Included
X-rays £15.75 Included
Record taking appointment 1-3 visits £924 £903.30
CBCT £200.00 £190.00
Extensive Specialist Consultation £189.00 £179.55
Emergency Appointment/specialist consultation £110.00 £104.50
Routine Hygienist
Hygiene for registered patients £87.00 Included
Extended hygiene for new patients £174.00 £165.30
Perio Assessment Localised £110.00 £104.50
Perio Assessment Extensive £189.00 £180.00
Non-surgical Perio treatment £245 per quadrant £232.75
Surgical perio treatment £787.00 £747.65
Treatment of caries & leaking fillings £170-£299 £161.50-£284
Treatment of individual tooth wear £94.50 £90.00
Cosmetic composite veneer £300.00 N/A
Preventative resin restorations £160.00 £152.00
Crowns and bridges
Crowns £924.00 £888.00
Gold crown + £300-£500 onto crown price N/A
Porcelain veneer £1000-£1500 N/A
Resin Bonded Bridge £1497.00 £1441.50
3 unit bridge £2872.00 £2761.00
Smile make-over for management of generalised worn teeth
Consultation £189.00 N/A
Record taking appointment £924.00 N/A
Full cost TBA TBA
Chrome denture £1890.00 £1815.50
Acrylic denture £924-£1500 £892.80-£1450
Teeth Whitening
Boutique home whitening (including check up and trays) £399.00 N/A
Zoom whitening (including check up and trays) £630.00 N/A
Endo consultation £110.00 £104.50
Root canal treatment £924.00 £883.00
Complex/re-root treatment £1024.00 £982.80
Root end surgery £924.00 £883.00
Core build up £235.00 £223.30
Fibre post and core £350.00 £335.00
Emergency access/drainage £320.00 £304.00
Extraction (per tooth) From £150 From £142.50
Surgical extraction (per tooth) £265.00 £251.75
Dental implants
Single tooth implant including CBCT scan and intra oral scan £3780 (includes extraction if necessary, consultation, intra-oral scsn, CT scan, planning, one implant and one crown) £3666 (including all mentioned in the previous column)
Occlusal splints
Michigan Splint £735.00 £713.25
Regular splint/retainer £315.00 £304.25
Adjustment/visit £126.00 £120.00
2 arches From £3999 N/A
Premier under 16s plan 1.1 £8.75 2 x exam with scaling if necessary
Premier Fit 1.2 £17.20 1 x exam 2x hygienist
Premier Plan 2.2 £22.18 2 x exams 2 x hygienist
Premier Perio plan 1.3 £24.42 1 exam 3 x perio
Premier Perio Plus Plan 2.3 £29.39 2 exams 3 x perio
Premier Perio plan Gold 1.4 £31.64 1 x exam 4 x perio
Premier Perio Gold plus 2.4 £34.60 2 x exams 4 x perio
Children NHS