A crown is a cap that is used in order to help restore or hold together a tooth that has been chipped or damaged.

At Premier Smile a crown would be recommended for a number of reasons:

  • To restore fractured teeth
  • To protect weak teeth from fracturing
  • To repair a tooth when there is not enough original tooth remaining
  • To conceal badly shaped or discoloured teeth
  • To protect teeth from fracturing following root canal treatment
  • To disguise extensive damage caused by decay
  • To attach a bridge
  • To cover a dental implant
Here is how it works:

A core of tooth and filling material is built up and prepared. An impression is taken of the tooth that needs restoring. A crown is made in the dental laboratory to fit the tooth precisely and match the neighbouring teeth. The tooth is then cleaned and the crown fitted securely on top. During the two visits a temporary crown would be made to protect your tooth.

If you have had root canal treatment you will need a crown to protect or cap the restored tooth, allowing you to eat and bite down on it as if it was a real tooth.

Life Benefits
  • Protects remaining tooth structure
  • Natural-looking restoration
  • Functions like a real tooth, so you can bite and chew as usual